Smart Bee Hives is an innovative system which collects, processes and analyzes the data received from various sensors disposed in the hive. On the basis of the data received can be predicted and / or identified different conditions in the bee hive such as swarming, disease - varroa mite cluster, active sleep.
The Smart Bee Hives system is at the stage of analysis and design. It is planned to develop and test the system in 2018, and in 2019 to provide an opportunity for its implementation in bee hives.
In the diary you created, you can easily fill current data for each hive at the apiary and track its status and development over time.
The diary can be filled manually data beekeeper for: number and type of treatments, days of supply, amounts drawn copper, changing the queen, swarming, condition of the hive, basic notes for each specific hive and meteorological total time for each apiary.
To create a diary you must first register. After signing up and confirming your up-to-date email, you'll be able to sign in with the email and password provided. When correctly implemented data system automatically creates for you a new diary and redirects a page to fill in the data.
The information you fill in your diary can only be seen by you after logging in.

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