Healthy Bees

SBH gathers all infromation needed and analyse it. The data then is presented to the beekeeper allowing better understanding of the hives on-going processes and better decision-making.

Bee Families Monitoring

With various heterogeneous sensors placed inside the beehive, SBH receives optimized, analyzed real-time data with which the beekeeper is allowed to take proper actions.

Increased Productivity

Due to proper diagnostics of the every beehive and time tracking of the beehive’s results, with using SBH the beekeepers can take proper measures for regular hive treatments, feeding if necessary and fertilization. All these actions lead to increased productivity.

Saved Time

The SBH reduces the number of hive farms inspections on site that leads to better efficiency of the bee-keeping process. With SBH the bee-keeper can do real time monitoring of the hive any time and regardless of the place where he is.

Innovation? Smart Bee Hives

Smart Bee Hives is an innovative system that collects, processes and analyzes data received from various sensors placed in a hive. On the basis of the data received Smart Bee Hives can identify and predict different conditions in the bee-hive such as swarming, mite contamination, clustering, active, sleepping and others.

By providing timely information on such symptoms, the beekeeper can take appropriate action.

When the system is located in more than one hive at the apiary, hives can communicate with each other and with changes in the performance of one of them according to the others, the beekeeper is immediately alerted with information about the irregularities such as improperly opening the hive, poor meteorological situation which might leed to the displacement a bee hatch and many more.

Received, processed and analyzed information can be tracked in real time from the existing platform.

The platform allows having a diary for each hive at the apiary, tracking its exact location, daily weight changes, temperature and humidity values inside and outside the hive, air pollution, excessive noise in the hive and other occurring variations that do not meet the standards.

Heterogeneous data

The Smart Bee Hives system is a set of sensors located on key areas in the beehive. The innovative system collects heterogeneous data that is sent to fog computing for selection and processing. Data is then stored in the cloud.
In a custom built interface, the analyzed data is visualized through various tables and charts allowing easy tracking of the states of each bee family and detection in real time of an existing or emerging problems.

Clean energy

The carefully selected and carefully calculated solar panel located on the hull cover provides power to the entire system even in cloudy days.
The correct calculation of the total energy consumption of the embedded module allows year-round operation of the system without the need to change batteries or plugging in chargers.

The Internet of Things

The system Smart Bee Hives implemented in different hives of an apiary allows communication between hives and making smart choices from every single hive.
When a deviation from the normal state or unusual event occurs, each hive can take an intelligent action to solve the problem and alarm the bee-keeper.

Services Our activities

Smart Bee Hives collects data from each beehive. After processing and analyzing the collected data, the beekeeper receives a notification when abnormal behavior of the bee family is noticed.


The platform allows you to keep a diary for each hive, making it easy to track the number of treatments, days of feeding, quantities of honey gathered, mite contamination, queen change, swarming and other parameters.


The developed user-friendly platform interface allows the beekeeper to carry out complete real-time monitoring of each individual beehive where the Smart Bee Hives system is embed.


The system Smart Bee Hives contains weighing device which is placed at the bottom of the hive. It takes into account the daily changes in the weight of the hive, allowing easy tracking of bee's work and the daily amount of honey collected.


The GPS module allows tracking the hive location and in case of theft an instant notification is sent to the owner alerting about the unauthorized attempt to change the location of the respective hive.

Working process Our work

We work precisely and accurately with great attention to details.

discussing bee's problems


We discuss issues

For each stage of our work we discuss all existing and future problems with experienced beekeepers.


We analyze the problems

We analyze problems and possible outcomes in different situations.


We offer solutions

We offer the best and most effective solutions that would contribute for the partial or complete resolving of identified problems.

Developing and testing the bee smart hives prototype


Developing a prototype

Development of hardware architecture and building a testing prototype.


Prototype testing

Structural and functional testing of the system.

implementing of bee smart hives

Smart Bee Hives integration.

Evolution Evolution of Smart Beehives System over time.


In the diary you create, you can easily fill in current data for each beehive and monitor its status over time.
The diary functionalities will gradually increase until 2019, when the Smart Bee Hives system will be completed.
After Smart Beehives System integration in hives (optionally), the data received from the sensors will be analyzed and visualized through charts and tables and will be present for each hive.
Thus the beekeeper will be able to follow simple parameters such as temperature, humidity, air quality, noise (noise in the hive outside certain norms is a clear signal to an illness state), daily changes in the hive weight, location and many other parameters.
At this point, until the finalization of the project beekeeper can manually fillin log data for: quantity and type of treatments, days of supply, amounts of honey, changing the queen, swarming, hive state, basic notes for each hive, meteorological situation for each apiary.

Ivan Toshev Beekeeper
"I have completed my diary for two weeks and I consider it very useful. Great idea! "
beekeeper testimonial about smart bee hives system
Venci Paskalev Farmer
"All the information from my notebook I filled into the online diary, everything is much more clean and visual friendly. Good luck and I am looking forward to get the new functionalities."

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